The Most Advanced 3D Computer Vision Library → RoboticSLAMTM

Integrate 3D Computer Vision into Your Application

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Cutting edge 3D computer vision technology from VanGogh Imaging

3D Depth Sensors / Dynamic / Mobile / Real-Time

Accurate tracking and 3D capture for mission critical platforms





3D Printing

Use any 3D depth sensor

Fast 3D capture


Advanced SLAM for rigid and non-rigid environments
Track & render real-world conditions → moving objects, changes in scene, and occlusions.

Technology Advantage

  • Combines sparse and dense SLAM techniques
  • Computationally efficient
  • Works in dynamically changing environments
  • 3D reconstruction of objects and scenes
  • Non-rigid SLAM → tracks and recognizes non-rigid objects

Integration Advantage

  • Libraries optimized for specific use cases
  • Well-document and clean API
  • Datasets to show functionality and test cases